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“Kingdom Housing is one of the biggest housing associations in Scotland with approximately 4,000 tenants. Gulls nested every year on the roof of one of our properties in Falkirk, and our tenants had been complaining for several years about the noise and general nuisance caused by the gulls.

The Gulls had become a serious problem; we were getting regular complaints about noise, fouling of cars and Gulls dive-bombing tenants in the car park. Our contractors, Scottish Pest Control Services, proposed three options to stop them nesting on the roof: constructing a frame with netting, removal of eggs and installation of Bird Free.

We felt that a frame and netting would have required maintenance and that egg removal would not have been a complete solution. Bird Free Gel offered the least disruptive method, and, as it turned out the cheapest. I can say that Bird Free has completely solved the problem. The tenants are delighted!”

Phil Richards

Estate Services Supervisor, Kingdom Housing

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